Sky to raise prices for NOW TV customers next month

Sky is believed to be planning an increase for NOW viewers, who could pay £ 12 a year. If the price increase rumor, shared by a generally reliable team in the ISPreview, proves to be accurate, this will mark the second time in so many years that Sky has increased the price of its streaming service, available on a variety of Smart TVs, video game consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones and tablets.

For those unfamiliar, NOW TV offers viewers access to a variety of live channels and content on demand that you can normally only watch in a Sky box, such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema. NOW TV customers can subscribe one month at a time – canceling at any time without paying a penalty.


This means that it is ideal for those who want to watch one or two exclusive programs available on Sky TV, such as the Emmy Award winner. Successiondocumentaries like Divide and conquer: the story of Roger Ailesand fan favorites like WestWorld, last week tonight with John Oliver, London gangsand Chernobyl, without committing to an 18-month contract.

Sky groups its channels on the so-called NOW TV Passes. Viewers can sign up for 24 hours, a week or a month at a time – depending on the pass you want to watch. But, unfortunately, those who want to keep the NOW TV Entertainment Pass box sets will need to spend a little each month starting September 1, 2020, ISPreview – which has a solid track record of Sky's previous rumors – says.

One of the best features of Sky TV is now available to all NOW TV viewers


The Entertainment Pass, which currently costs £ 8.99 a month, includes Sky Sky, Sky One, FOX, Gold, MTV, as well as newly launched channels such as Sky Documentaries, Sky Nature and Sky History. Sky is rumored to be raising the monthly cost by £ 1, so NOW NOW viewers will only receive 1p of a tenner exchange to keep watching when the change starts later this year.

That may not seem like much, but it's still an extra 12 pounds a year. So, if you find a good deal on the Entertainment Pass – you can buy as soon as possible to guarantee the old price. This can save you paying the extra monthly cost from September 1, 2020 – by delaying a few months.


And it's not just the Entertainment Pass that is believed to be set for a price increase.

Hayu, which airs the latest reality television shows at the same time as the episodes open in the United States, will also cost a little more starting in early September. The channel package, which includes access to Following the Kardashians, currently costs £ 3.99. However, this is expected to increase to £ 4.99 a month from September 1, 2020.

In a statement about the rumors of the changes, a NOW TV spokesman said, "We do not comment on speculation. Our customers will always be the first to be notified of any change in the cost of their passes."

It is not the first time NOW TV has adjusted its prices. Last year, NOW TV customers were asked to pay an extra £ 1 per month for the Entertainment Pass – increasing from £ 7.99 to £ 8.99 in October 2019.


In an email sent at the time to those with a NOW TV account, the Sky-owned company said, "We are constantly improving our service with exclusive shows, the latest sets of award-winning boxes and new features like downloading to watch on That's why, on October 9, for the first time in two years, your Entertainment Pass will increase by £ 1 to £ 8.99 a month. "


If this becomes a regular occurrence, it may soon be more economical to sign up for a full-fledged Sky Q box. The UK broadcaster has some pretty competitive deals at the moment, so if you don't mind committing yourself to an 18-month contract – could be a better option.

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