Shettima drums support Buhari out of insecurity



"We will ensure that the challenges we face as a nation and as a people are promptly addressed, and it is not beyond us to resolve those challenges.


“I frankly believe that arrogance, playing in the gallery, spilling poison in the presidency will not solve the problem.


"We can't just demonize Buhari, Buhari did his best and we had a break between 2015 and 2017, before we had this recent relapse.

"So, how to find a solution to our problem is more important than demonizing someone, and we shouldn't suffer from memory amnesia, Buhari did more than enough for the Northeast.

“The Chief of Staff of the Army is not from Delta, nor is he from Akwa Ibom, the Chief of Staff of the Army is from Borno, the National Security Advisor is from Borno, the Chief of Staff from Bauchi, all from Northeast.

“Buhari was instrumental in the creation of the Northeast Development Commission, and now we have bills, motions from all over the country that also stir up their own commissions.

"It was under his tutelage that oil and millions of barrels of oil were discovered in northeast Bauchi, so we have to give it to him, for putting our people in strategic positions to find solutions to our common challenges."

The former governor of Borno state noted that, with the inauguration of the Ad Hoc Committee on National Security, the country would once again sigh with relief when new ideas were brought in to defeat the insurgents.

According to Shettima, Nigerians must find a holistic approach to fighting the insurgency, which is a collective responsibility of all.

“Fighting the insurgency is a collective responsibility for all of us; it is a complex compound and interlaced challenge and it is not something that you can solve just by military option.

“We have to adopt a holistic approach that covers the military, economic, social and political areas; under the chaos of Boko Haram, under the barbarism is the real cause, which is extreme poverty.

“In the Lake Chad region, there is an incestuous relationship between economy, ecology and climate change, and the most relevant aspect, in addition to desecration, is the shrinking of Lake Chad from 25,000 to less than 2,000 km2..

“We have population growth challenges and, in 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous nation in the world to surpass the United States.

"There will be 440 million Nigerians by 2050. Maybe I’m not around, I’m 52 years old, but you’ll be around. The most relevant aspect of these statistics is that in 2050, 70% of Nigerians will live in the north.

“With desertification, deforestation, endemic poverty, widespread illiteracy, it is a recipe for disaster.

“Unless we use our thinking helmets as leaders, unless we come together in a single force and come up with robust platforms to turn the expected demographic hope into demographic dividends, it will be the demographic disaster that will consume us all.

“That's why I want to appeal to you, let's work as a team, let's work as a family, because the Nigeria we have now, sorry if it's to implode, where are we going? " he asked.

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