Secondus: Nigeria needs God's intervention

Bassey Anthony, Uyo

The national president of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, criticized the scarcity of committed and reliable leaders to give Nigeria a good sense of direction.

Secondus, who said this on Saturday in Uyo during the commissioning of the PDP Secretariat of State with a capacity for 1,000 people, asked Nigerians to pray for God's intervention.


The president of the national PDP, who praised Governor Udom Emmanuel's leadership role and attributed the completion of the new state secretariat to his efforts, said he is competing with the national secretariat.

He stated that the PDP has the best governors in the country, as his achievements were a confirmation of his leadership ability.

“With a secretariat that is competing with the national secretariat. Excellency, this shows the manifestation of your leadership. When you show leadership by example and your followers show faith in your leaders, it means that the leader has done well.


“I realize that you are a leader who has shown leadership and that your followers are following you with curiosity, and they have seen the work you have shown in the state of Akwa Ibom.

“Our country today needs leaders who are true, honest and trustworthy and, by the grace of God, you are one of them. The PDP clearly showed that we have the best governors because of the call for achievement and the country can confirm what it saw.


“Without good leadership, you cannot have this Secretariat. Our municipality needs many prayers. A country without direction, without a captain, we need many prayers. You all know what we're going through. We need God's intervention.

"We are happy and grateful to Akwa Ibom's leadership for providing a building that will be classified, I don't know the party, is it the other party?"

“What we must emphasize today is to build institutions. What we must do in this country is to train young people who will become leaders to take the lead. Akwa Ibom did well in that regard.

“The PDP is becoming stronger and stronger every day, we recover. Anyone from any part of the country can aspire to become anything and fulfill their dreams at the PDP. Akwa Ibom is a state where all other states should follow, ”he said.


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Speaking also, Governor Udom Emmanuel, who said that party members seeking the PDP at the national level to take over the country's governance, noted that the party was still growing stronger.


Emmanuel explained that the Secretariat was completed with 100% direct labor, adding that the outgoing President of the State PDP, Paul Ekpo, achieved his goal by completing the secretariat.

He said it would be unfair if the PDP did not have the state secretariat, as it was the only part that pushed the state forward.

He said the Akan Offot – Aka Etinan road with side drains was built to create access to the secretariat.

“The party is still getting stronger. Obong Paul Ekpo achieved his purpose, God sent him. We experienced the unity under his watch.

“The PDP can only get stronger. It would be unfair if the PDP did not put something like this in Akwa Ibom because this is the only party that has propelled the state.

"We are looking forward to the national handing over Nigeria back to the PDP," he said.

In his remarks, former PDP President of State Paul Ekpo praised Governor Udom Emmanuel for mobilizing financial support for the completion of the state secretariat.

He said: “The governor has promised that I will present this building for inauguration as party president and today we are here – at a great cost to your personal finances, energy and time.

"He hired his friends from inside and outside the state who donated money, material or services used to complete this beautiful building."

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