Scientists develop the ultimate hangover cure – here’s how to make it yourself

From the dog's fur to McDonald's meal, people use a variety of tactics to try to relieve a feared hangover.


Now, scientists have developed what they claim to be the ultimate hangover cure – and it contains some rather unusual ingredients.

Scientists at the Mainz Institute of Molecular Physiology, Germany, showed that people who used extra plant extracts and minerals after drinking suffered less hangover symptoms than those who consumed only more minerals.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, Prevention and Health of Nutrition, suggested that a combination of fruits, leaves and roots reduced headache and illness.


A total of 69 healthy children 18 to 65 years of age received water with a supplement, including ginger root, Barbados cherry, magnesium, potassium and other plants and minerals.

The ultimate cure contains ginger root, Barbados cherry, magnesium, potassium and other plants and minerals

They were given the drink 45 minutes before and immediately after they stopped drinking beer, white wine or white wine.

A second group of 76 people received the supplement minus the plant extracts, and a third group of 69 received a test placebo.

When questioned later, those who took the mixture of plants and minerals found average headache intensity 34% lower, nausea 42% lower, while feelings of indifference dropped by an average of 27% and restlessness by 41%.

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No significant differences in any symptoms were reported by those taking the supplement except plant extracts, suggesting that plant extracts were primarily responsible for the observed changes, the researchers say.

The findings come shortly after a doctor revealed which drinks cause the worst hangovers.

Unfortunately for Dark and Stormy fans, Dr. Simran Deo, from UK-based online doctor Zava, recommends avoiding dark spirits, including rum.

In an interview with Mirror Online, she explained: "Choose spirits (for example, vodka or gin) instead of spirits (for example, rum) and red wine".


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