Schumer calls McConnell's proposed impeachment trial "Alice in Wonderland-style lawsuit"


"(Democrats) will require every senator to vote on whether there should be certain witnesses, whether there are certain documents and whether we should have the kind of unfair and stacked deck, a Alice-in-Wonderland procedure that McConnell has proposed," Schumer said John Berman, of CNN, on "New Day".

The New York Democrat's comments come hours before President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial is scheduled to start in earnest When the camera debates the timeline presented the day before by McConnell. The Kentucky Republican's timeline establishes a quick trial that indicates that Senate Republicans are pushing to complete the process as soon as possible. Schumer said he would offer amendments on Tuesday "to resolve the many shortcomings in this deeply unfair proposal and to summon the witnesses and documents we request".
Impeachment resolution reduces arguments for opening trial to two days on each side

Schumer and Senate Democrats pressured the Senate to hear four witnesses, including former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House chief Mick Mulvaney, and the subpoena of documents that the White House prevented from investigating the impeachment of the Home.


After McConnell released his proposal on Monday, which gives House impeachment managers and Trump's legal team every 24 hours divided into two days for his opening arguments at the trial, Schumer entered the matter later that day, saying that "it is nothing less than a national disgrace."

In his interview with CNN, the minority leader criticized the fact that the opening arguments are likely to arrive late at night, as the trial starts at 1 pm. ET every day.

"If President Trump was so confident and McConnell trusted his arguments so much, why do they need to do it at 2:00 am?" he said. "Why can't they do it in broad daylight? The rules he proposed are really a national disgrace for that reason."


McConnell says he has enough Republican votes to support rule-making without Democratic support.

The organizing resolution presented by McConnell is the initial bailout of what is turning into a bitterly contested impeachment trial, after the House passed two impeachment articles last month accusing Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Democratic House managers and the president's legal team will hold discussions in public – senators can only debate in closed session during the trial – but an intense debate over the direction of the trial is likely to take place between Republicans and Democrats. while Schumer seeks to remove four senators from the Republican Party to support subpoenas from witnesses and documents.

"If you don't have a real trial (where) you can judge impeachment on merit, then that democracy is eroded," Schumer told Berman. "And Mitch McConnell will go down in history as one of the people who is eating away at democracy because he agreed with President Trump's cover-up – hook, line and sinker."


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