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Saudi ArabiaForeign Minister denied media reports of a possible meeting between the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, amid speculation about the normalization of ties between the Arab Gulf countries and Israel.

"There is no planned meeting between Saudi Arabia and Israel," Prince Faisal bin Farhan told Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya English website on Thursday in response to reports in Israel. media.



"Saudi Arabia's policy has been very clear since the beginning of this conflict. There are no relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the Kingdom is firmly behind Palestine."

The interest of both countries in containing I ran they increasingly converged on Tehran's view as the main threat, but Saudi Arabia maintains that any relationship depends on Israel's withdrawal from lands captured in the 1967 Middle East war, a territory that Palestinians seek for a future state.

Netanyahu appeared last month at an event at the White House, where the US president Donald Trump offered a plan that proposed the creation of a Palestinian entity, but diverged from the 2002 Saudi initiative.


The Palestinian leadership rejected Trump's plan, saying it strongly favors Israel and will deny them a viable independent state.

But some Gulf Arab countries welcomed the US efforts in a measure seen as prioritizing close ties to Washington, essential to fighting Iran over unwavering and historic support for Palestinians.

In 2017, an Israeli cabinet minister said the country had secret contacts with Riyadh, and Radio Israel reported that Prince Mohammed had met with officials in Israel, prompting an official Saudi denial.


Netanyahu, who faces charges of criminal corruption and is seeking re-election next month, had previously pointed to secret cooperation with Arab countries, without naming them.

The Israeli prime minister who served the most met the Sudanese leader last week during a visit to Uganda.

Prince Faisal said Saudi Arabia has always shown a willingness to normalize ties with Israel, as long as there is "a fair and just agreement" between Israel and the Palestinians.

"Other than that, Saudi policy will remain firm," he added.

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