Sanwo-Olu releases names of Lagos COVID-19 RESPONSE donors

Omolola Afolabi

The governor of the state of LAGOS, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, released on Friday the names of individuals and corporate organizations that donated to the state government to combat the new coronavirus pandemic.


According to him, the launch of the list is in line with his government's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Donations, which are in cash and materials, such as hospital items, personal protective equipment (PPE), ambulances, respirators, isolation facilities and food items to support the vulnerable and needy during the blockade period, were recognized by the governor widely circulated advertising published in some of the major national newspapers.

It is recalled that Governor Sanwo-Olu said during his last television update on covid-19 that the state government would release the names of all donors so that the inhabitants of Lagos would know who they are and what they have done to support the fight against the virus.


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He also said that the government will nominate public-minded individuals and corporate bodies for recognition and appreciation for their display of love and magnanimity.

“I would like to especially thank everyone who donated to the Covid-19 response from Lagos state through money, medical equipment and other essential materials.


“Your generosity is very much appreciated. As of Friday, May 1st, the Lagos State Government will thank all of you, our worthy partners, in newspaper ads that will describe everything we receive, in the spirit of total transparency and responsibility ”, he said.

There are a total of two hundred and one donors, as announced in the newspapers.

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