Sani-Bello pardons 46 inmates in Niger- The Nation Newspaper

Justina Asishana – Minna

Niger's governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, on Sunday apologized to 46 detainees in an attempt to decongest the state's Correctional Centers.


The pardoned prisoners are spread throughout the state correctional centers.

According to Niger's attorney general and commissioner of justice, lawyer Nasara Dan-Mallam, the release of detainees was the result of a presidential recommendation that state governors should consider granting pardon to deserving detainees, order to decongest the prisons.

Dan-Mallam, who is also chairman of the State Advisory Council on Privilege of Misericordia, explained that pardoned prisoners were considered released based on the recommendation of the State Advisory Council on Privilege of Mercy.


He said the consideration includes: old age, health problems, convicts serving three years and above with less than six months to serve and those whose fines can be paid by the state government.

The Attorney General also appealed to the released prisoners to use their freedom, undertaking useful undertakings and avoiding any act that could lead them to crime.


"The government wants you to be a good citizen for the socio-economic and political development of the State of Niger in particular and Nigeria as a whole."


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