Samsung Galaxy Buds+ review – Sound good but that’s not the reason to buy them

Let's get straight to the point about Galaxy Buds +. They're not perfect, but if you want a pair of wireless headphones that last all day (and even all night) without needing a refill, stop reading this review and press the buy button.

Samsung he focused on battery life with his new Galaxy Buds + and the result can only be described as epic. Once filled, these headphones will continue to function for more than 10 hours, and even when they are low on charge, the supplied carrying case will offer an additional 11 hours of instant playback.


As a comparison, Apple's new AirPods Pro lasts only about four hours before the alert starts ringing in your ears, saying the power is getting too low.

It looks good on paper, but it is the current lock that really highlighted how good Galaxy Buds + can be. We found ourselves chained to our kitchen table for hours on end, while writing about the latest gadgets and the Galaxy Buds + never ran out.

During normal working hours, we normally removed the sprouts from our ears and replenished them regularly while heading to meetings or talking with colleagues.


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But that's not happening at the moment and Buds + just doesn't mind the frankly ridiculously long hours of use. It's impressive from Samsung, and if battery life is your primary concern, we wouldn't look anywhere else.


Other things that make Buds + worth your money are a very comfortable and easy fit for your smartphone (yes, that includes the iPhone) and an exclusive app that lets you change and tinker with numerous audio settings, including surround sound and how low or high you want to hear in your ears.

The mini charging case, which adds those extra hours of use, is also well built with its glossy finish, offering a satisfying feeling when you hold it in your hands and increasing the battery is simple as the buttons fit comfortably in the case – something that cannot be said for some of the complicated rivals.

Of course, these wireless headphones are, after all, another equally vital feature is how they sound. We generally had no complaints with Buds +, offering a decent level of audio quality. If you've used the wired headsets included with your phone before that, you'll be perfectly happy with the sound.

The two-way speaker system developed by the AKG team offers a lot of strength and you get a decent level of depth, regardless of your musical taste.


However, pit them against Apple's Pro offer and suddenly you realize that things are not in the same league. AirPods Pro not only offers noise cancellation, which means you get a totally uninterrupted experience, but it also offers much cleaner sound. But this is expected for the more expensive AirPods Pro, which costs almost £ 100 more than the Galaxy Buds +.


Buds + bring a little more bass to your ears, but that can make the songs sound muddy and certainly not as clear as when listening to Apple's rivals.

In addition to the audio being a little out of the song, another thing we have is with the controls on the sides of the Buds +.

Although Samsung was smart in allowing you to change the function of these sensors with the Buds app for your phone, we found it very frustrating to use and now we gave up trying to make them work.

Touch sensors are often irregular – sometimes going into action with the slightest touch and then not working when you decide to press them again.

Another bugbear is that, unlike Apple's AirPods, it's not so easy to connect Buds + to multiple devices. If you use them only with your smartphone, this probably won't be a cause for concern, but for those who like to switch between PC, tablet and music player, this can become a serious frustration.

One last thing to note is that Samsung got an IPX2 rating. This is compared to other companies that offer IPX4 or better. If you work in an office all day, this won't be a concern, but you can look elsewhere if you want some headphones for a sweaty workout at the gym.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + review: final verdict

If you want a pair of headphones that offer infinite battery life, Galaxy Buds + should be at the top of your (online) shopping list.

These things continue and make Apple's more expensive AirPods Pro look powerfully inferior when it comes to pure battery power. They also offer a comfortable fit, smart charging case and a very affordable price of £ 159 – especially when compared to the £ 249 price of AirPods Pro.

Unfortunately, for all the positive aspects, Samsung's new Buds + are not perfect and some may be irritated that the South Korean company has not added noise cancellation to its wireless buttons.

While battery life is important when compared to AirPods Pro, there is simply no comparison when it comes to audio quality with Apple's winning hands. It is true that professionals cost much more than Buds +, but there is no reason why Samsung did not offer a standard pair of Buds + and a more premium option with noise cancellation.

Overall, a solid audio option that can't be beaten if you want to listen to music without worrying when they'll need a refill.

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