Sadiq Khan warns of coronavirus crime rise if poverty not tackled | World news

The poverty and hopelessness that fuel the violence worsened during the blockade and offenses against the coronavirus will increase, unless the government finds more money to prevent the increase in crime, Sadiq Khan said.

The Mayor of London demanded that the Prime Minister make efforts to stop the increase in offenses that police across the country have raised so relaxed fears lock restrictions allow more people to return to the streets.


Khan said there was a "proven link" between increasing poverty, increasing deprivation, increasing mental health problems and increasing serious violence.

In a letter to Boris Johnson seen by the Guardian, he says that deepening poverty caused by the economic damage caused by the virus can result in an increase in crime: "We should not have the illusion that the underlying causes of violence have disappeared," he wrote.

"I am deeply concerned that many may be much worse off with the current crisis and its economic consequences and that, with our police service more extensive than ever, violence may resurface as soon as the blockade is eased."


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Khan said the young people were hit hard, with their mental health suffering after losing diverse activities and the ability to see their friends and young workers during the blockade.

“We know that the most vulnerable young people have been struggling to access the same level or quality of interaction with the education and youth services they previously trusted. I also saw data that shows that these disproportionalities are even greater for the most deprived families ”, he added.

"This is deeply worrying, given the proven link between severe violence and deprivation, mental health problems and poverty."

Metropolitan police data, which covers London, show that since March 12 there have been big drops in crime compared to the same period last year.

Total crime in the UK's largest police area fell 32%, theft fell 38%, theft fell 48%, theft fell 56% and violence with injuries fell 25%.

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Khan said Johnson should invest more money in things for young people to do, especially if the blocking was eased with the start of the school's long summer vacation.

He wrote: “Therefore, it is essential that the government gives the strongest consideration to young people in their strategy to end the blockade. Otherwise, there is a serious risk of a return to previous levels of violence in London and other major cities in the UK. "

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