Ronnie O’Sullivan has ‘struggled’ in ‘bubble’ of Championship League

Ronnie O & # 39; Sullivan took a break from the century on his return to competitive action for the first time in four months

Ronnie O & # 39; Sullivan says he "fought" in the "bubble" that surrounds the Championship League tournament, which is being played behind closed doors and in a closed environment.

& # 39; Sullivan, 44, returned to action with a new mustache and progressed as the group's winner without losing a frame.


"If every tournament were like that, I'm not sure I would be able to," said O & # 39; Sullivan.

Snooker was the first sport to return to live action on open TV.

It followed the guidance of the government's "phase three" coronavirus pandemic, which paved the way for the competition to return from Monday.


The non-qualifying event takes place without fans at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, which has a hotel on site, allowing players and staff to be contained within the complex without having to leave.

However, all staff had to have rigorous testing of Covid-19 a day before the scheduled screening and isolation time in their rooms – world champion Judd Trump said he waited 18 hours before his test result was known and O & # 39; Sullivan even more.


Although a catering service is provided, O & # 39; Sullivan – who last played competitively at the Shootout in February – only entered the event if allowed bring your own foodexternal link as he doesn't "trust people" cooking for him.

But being in his room for such a long period meant that he "ran out of food" and was "eating corn flakes for the rest of the day".

World number six & # 39; Sullivan added: "I fought. I was in the room for 24 hours, so I got a headache and started coughing a bit and I can't even open the window."

"You want to be in good health at the moment, so that this bubble is not ideal. If the facilities [improve] and if you have to stay at the hotel and [are able to] use the gym, then it would be better.


"At the moment, there is none of that, so it is difficult. I like my own company, but it is difficult to be confined. It is not easy for me, I must admit.


"It is about having the freedom to go for a walk, get some fresh air and have a coffee".

Much of the conversation on social media was not just about O & # 39; Sullivan, with a 100% record in three matches, but the addition of a mustache on the handlebars.

Asked how it all came about, & # 39; Sullivan said: "I challenged myself. As soon as we were stuck, I grew a beard, but with an itch, my partner said," Why not wear a mustache? " 39; It was a bit of a laugh.

"Some people said that I look like a Mexican drug dealer, like & # 39; El Chapo & # 39 ;. Someone even said Freddie Mercury. "

Meanwhile, the rescheduled Tour Tour – originally scheduled for March in Llandudno – will be held at the Marshall Arena from 20 to 26 June.

Freddy Mercury, Ronnie O & # 39; Sullivan and El Chapo Guzman
Any similarities between Freddie Mercury, Ronnie O & # 39; Sullivan and & # 39; El Chapo & # 39 ;?

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