Ron Rivera weighs in on Redskins name: ‘All about the moment and timing’

Ron Rivera publicly weighed the Redskins' name for the first time since he took over as WashingtonThe head coach, telling a Chicago radio station that he thinks it is an "argument for another time".

The Redskins have faced renewed pressure in recent weeks to change their name in the light of the energized social justice movement after George FloydDeath The Redskins removed the name of founder and segregationist George Preston Marshall from all of the team's materials, but critics say the team must also act on the team's name.


Rivera told The 670 that conversations about the Redskins name are "all about the moment and the moment".

"I'm just someone from a different time when football was not such a big part of the political scene, Rivera said. "This is also one of the difficult things, I always wanted to keep it separate. People want me to get into politics while I'm training and keep telling them: & # 39; I'm not supposed to go up there and influence people. & # 39 ; I have my beliefs, I know what I think, I support the movements, I support the players.

"I believe in what they are doing. There are certain elements for certain things. It is all about the time and the best time to discuss these things."


While your primary responsibility is to train the Redskins, RiveraThe Redskins' role is bigger than what he had with the Carolina Panthers. When Rivera was hired in January, said owner Dan Snyder Rivera would be the "single voice" for the organization and Rivera said he was sold with a "coach-centered" approach.

As part of this expanded role, Rivera willing WashingtonAction plan after FloydThe death He said the Redskins formed city halls for employees to discuss their experiences with racial and brainstorming ways to help the community. He said the team has started a Black engagement network in which they will assist Black employees. He added that Snyder had committed $ 250,000 to help fund other ideas that the team generates.


On Monday, Rivera did not reveal his own opinion about the Redskins' name, but said he "does a lot of research on a lot of things".

"I don't participate in unprepared conversations" Rivera said.

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