Roger Stone predicts Republicans could seek impeachment of judges who presided over Mueller cases

Roger Stone, a former campaign adviser condemned by President Trump, predicted Friday that Republicans could attempt to impeach the federal judge who presided over his criminal trial.

Stone, who is awaiting the start of a 40-month prison sentence he received as a result of the conviction, said on social media that he anticipates that Republicans will target US District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson if the Republican Party takes control. of the House of Representatives of Democrats after the next round of Congressional races in November.


The longtime political adviser and strategist also predicted that Republicans will try to remove Judge Emmett G. Sullivan, who recently faced criticism from Stone and other leading right-wing personalities for handling the controversial case against Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump. convicted former national security adviser.

"Judge Sullivan has an IQ of around 70 and he is in the bank simply because he was unable to act as a lawyer in a private practice. His stupidity is legendary in legal circles," Stone posted on Instagram.

“His disrespect for the law and the constitution is matched only by that of the epically corrupt Amy Berman Jackson. Expect the House Republicans to file an impeachment bill against the two in 2021 if they take over the House, ”added Stone.


Stone, 67, was convicted last year in Judge Jackson's court by a jury that found him guilty of all seven criminal charges he faced as a result of the special attorney's investigation in the 2016 presidential election, including charges of obstruction, tampering with witnesses and lies to Congress. He is currently challenging the conviction and sentence in the federal appeals court.

Flynn, 61, was also charged as a result of the special attorney's investigation, and pleaded guilty in late 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contacts with a senior Russian official. He was awaiting sentencing when the Justice Department abruptly dropped his case last week, and Judge Sullivan later appointed a retired federal court judge, John Gleeson, to argue against the government's motion.


Since then, right-wing figures who support Flynn have criticized his judge's decision to review the Justice Department's request. Conservative commentator Jeanine Pirro recently said that Sullivan "should be ashamed to wear an outfit", while fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity said of the retired judge: "You smell like ignorance, you smell like political prejudice!"

Judge Jackson and Judge Sullivan were appointed by former President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, respectively. Gleeson was appointed to the bank by Clinton in 1994 and retired almost 22 years later.

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