#RevolutionNow It's not a protest, it's child's play – Adesina – TV Channels

The Presidency responded to protests by members of the #RevolutionNow movement in parts of the country.


Speaking during his appearance in Sunrise Daily on Thursday, the president's special advisor, Femi Adesina, dismissed the demonstrators' demonstration.

“Well, was it really a protest? In my opinion, this seemed just child's play, because protests by their very nature are spontaneous things; are massive things, ”he said in TV channels breakfast program.

The president's spokesman added: “I just saw a handful of people trying to be funny. As far as I'm concerned, it's nothing to worry about, because when you talk about revolution, a revolution is always a massive thing.


“Not the number of boys and girls you saw in different parts of the country yesterday. I think it was funny to call it a protest and a revolution protest. "

Dozens of young people went to strategic areas in Abuja and Lagos, among other parts of the country, in protest to demand the resignation of the current government.


Among the various issues raised, protesters said the government had failed to address security challenges in the country and failed to provide jobs for unemployed youth.

An archive photo of the #RevolutionNow protesters during a demonstration in Ondo State on August 5, 2020.

In his reaction, Adesina insisted that there was never a revolutionary march and the action of the young people was just child's play.

According to him, revolutions, by their nature, are well known and the government has fulfilled its responsibilities.


The president's spokesman said: “The revolution is something that changes the normal order; what happened yesterday, would you call it a revolution? It was just an irritation; it was just an irritation and some people want to cause irritation in the country. "


“And what I'm going to say is that when things boil, they boil because you keep heating them. Therefore, Nigerians need to know that the country we acquire is the one we use our own hands to build. "

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