Review of Amazon Kindle Kids Edition: a good idea, but we simply cannot recommend this e-reader


Another big bonus is Amazon's ridiculously good two-year warranty, no worries – so if the Kindle is thrown in the bath or crushed in a school backpack, just send it in for a free replacement.

Clearly, there is a lot to love about the Kindle Kids Edition. Why don't we recommend buying one?


When received our review unit, we placed it directly in the hands of our 11 year old book fan. Handing the gleaming gadget to this avid reader brought an expression of wild excitement to her eyes, especially since we promised to read a lot without having to ask for pocket money or a trip to the city to visit the bookstore.

However, despite the initial excitement of what Kindle for Kids had to offer, it soon became apparent that the reality was not so exciting.

Our reviewer soon got tired of looking for endless books in books and, after a few hours, put his head firmly inside the real pages of his favorite book. We may be in the minority, but the excitement of a reading list on an electronic ink screen simply cannot replace the joy of exploring the shelves of a bookstore or library.


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