Reporting only to the president, not to the public, says Gambari

By Bolaji Ogundele, Abuja

The president's new chief of staff, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, said his main loyalty would be to President Muhammadu Buhari and not to the public.


The chief of staff said this on Wednesday, when he spoke briefly with correspondents from the State House in the Presidential Village.

He began by thanking President Buhari for considering him worthy to serve in the new capacity, adding that he would serve the President in the best possible way.

"I thank the President of the Federal Republic for giving me the opportunity to serve him and, of course, the country," he said.


Asked what Nigerians should expect from him as chief of staff, he said: "We haven't started, I'll have to find out. I don't report directly to the nation, I report to the president."

Regarding what he has to offer the president, he said "my loyalty, competence and support", adding that his guiding principle as chief of staff would be "to serve the president in the best possible way"


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