Raidel ‘Joke’ Brito wins first Madden Bowl championship behind run-only offense

In competitive Madden, Raidel "Joke" Brito is widely regarded as one of the biggest contenders, with more than $ 200,000 in career earnings, 11 major EA appearances and several finals in the Madden Bowl, but he was never able to reach the top from the mountain.

That changed Saturday night at the 2020 Madden Bowl.


The 26-year-old from West New York, New Jersey, was able to use his offense only against the race and a particularly petty defense en route to a "17-0" against Daniel "Dcroft" Mycroft from Mukilteo, Washington, to beat the Madden & # 39; s biggest stage.

The joke did not give a single pass throughout the tournament, taking advantage of the game's goal with a focus on racing and its ability to create a championship winning formula. At the tournament, players drew up their lists on a salary cap system, with current and former NFL players available. The joke used this to his advantage, choosing not to put a real quarterback in his lineup; Washington Redskins punter Tress Way was under the center.

This freed up funds for Joke to pursue strong offensive and defensive players with special abilities, such as Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark, energy expert and former NFL security Taylor Mays, a safe striker. Joke chose the dominant Raiders offensive and widely popular manual Miami Dolphins defensive manual to put everything together.


The strategy worked. The joke culminated in what may have been the best season of all time for a Madden pro with a championship.

"We had three major events during the season that led to this tournament," said Tyler "TDAVIS" Davis, competitor and commentator for Madden. "The joke ended in fifth, third and third in those tournaments on the way to victory in the final tournament of the year. He was the best player by far on Madden 20. By the way, he was in the top 10 of all time, and now he must be considered one of the top five of all time ".


The joke started to cry after the victory. But he explained on ESPN2 that although the title took a long time for him, he was not moved by the victory; he had dedicated that tournament, winning or losing, to his good friend Taylor "SpotMe" Robertson, who died in 2018 in the mass shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

"It's really cool that the Joke won," said Davis. "Almost as if it were destiny."

The joke won $ 65,000 for its efforts. But he and previous champions consider the Madden championship belt to be the real prize, which is made of 24-karat gold with more than 700 Swarovski rhinestones, weighing 12 pounds.

Normally, the champion would have the opportunity, at the end of the transmission, to hoist his belt in celebration. But since the tournament was played entirely online, a surprise was placed: the scene was cut to Derwin James, a security for the Los Angeles Chargers and also a dedicated Madden player, who showed off the belt and announced that he would send it to Joke – before putting it on air on his behalf.


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