Premier League: Liverpool could seal title at neutral venue with six fixtures set to move

There are 92 games in Premier League

The game in which Liverpool could secure the Premier League title could be played in a neutral location, says the national leader of football policing.

Deputy Police Chief Mark Roberts says that up to six matches can be moved at the request of local police forces.


They include the Merseyside derby, as well as Manchester City v Liverpool.

Roberts said the Premier League discussions were "positive", with a "shared focus on public health priority".

The Premier League is set to restart on June 17, subject to government approval.


The equipment defined to be moved to neutral locations are:

  • Manchester City – Liverpool
  • Manchester City – Newcastle
  • Manchester United against Sheffield United
  • Newcastle v Liverpool
  • Everton – Liverpool
  • The game in which Liverpool could secure the title

"We have reached a consensus that balances the needs of football, while minimizing the demand for policing," said Roberts.


"Most of the remaining games will be played at home and outside scheduled times, with a small number of games in neutral locations, which, contrary to some reports, have not yet been settled.

"This plan will be kept under constant review to ensure public health and safety, and an important part of this is that fans continue to respect the guidelines for social distance and do not attend or meet outside the stadiums."

Liverpool, after their first title in 30 years, leads the Premier League table with 25 points, nine games to go, and Jurgen Klopp's team could win the title against local rival Everton.

Merseyside police say that "in relation to crime and disorder" there are no "objections" to the game in Goodison Park and that he would be "ready to provide whatever is needed for policing".


However, Deputy Commander Rob Carden added: "Decisions regarding public health risk are made by the government and public health of England.


"Ultimately, the final decision rests with the Security Advisory Group, chaired by the Liverpool City Council, in accordance with decisions made nationally in relation to sporting events."

The Premier League said "its ambition is to complete all the remaining games this season at home and away whenever possible".

He added: "We are working with our clubs to ensure that risks are assessed and minimized, while cooperating with the police at the local and national levels.

"Discussions with the National Council of Chiefs of Police and the UK Football Policing Unit have been positive and continue. We are prepared for all the results and have a neutral contingency on the ground."

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