Premier League employees start using side-tilt VAR monitors


Premier League employees start using side-tilt VAR monitors

Premier League referees were instructed to use field VAR monitors to analyze some red card decisions.


The referees' apparent reluctance to use monitors has been one of the most common complaints about the current use of VAR in the Premier League.

Now, after guidance from the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited), they will be used for red card decisions when they think the referee should have the final say.

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That was the case when Michael Oliver recently kicked out Crystal Palace midfielder Luka Milivojevic in a match in the third round of the FA Cup against Derby.

Having initially shown a yellow card, Oliver has updated his decision to a red one – so far, the only time this season that the field monitor has been used in a game in England.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of Liverpool's Premier League game with Manchester United this weekend, Jurgen Klopp gave his support to the new development.


"I think the only reason to have the monitor is to use it," said Klopp.

"I don't understand 100% why they haven't been used so far. If we can make the right decision, we should use all sources.

"I don't expect that to happen five or six times in a game that the referee goes to the monitor, but I read the email and saw that it wouldn't happen with every decision, it's just a 100% clarification."

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Klopp's Manchester City rival Pep Guardiola was equally pleased with the decision.

"It is a positive decision," he said. “The referee will take responsibility himself. I like it."

However, it was said that the new decision is simply a reaffirmation of PGMOL's guidelines from the beginning, although employees almost always choose not to use camp screens.

There are also concerns that the match official will walk over to the monitor, review the decision and then return to the field to confirm that this could lead to even greater delays in decisions influenced by the VAR.

Any changes that occur will not affect the controversial calls made in the new handball rules or the marginal impediment calls.

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