Premier League Clubs Face Player Revolt Over Proposed June Restart

Premier League stars may have the key to restarting the football season – and they may end up vetoing the whole thing.

Clubs will talk to their players within the next 48 hours to assess whether they are prepared to continue with the current Project Restart proposals.


The Professional Footballers 'Association and the League Managers' Association should also be consulted and it is the result of these negotiations that can decide whether the Premier League thinks it can continue.

Mirror Sport understands that players' well-being was a major topic of discussion at the Premier League meeting last Friday, and there is a growing feeling that it will evolve into the biggest problem.

Players have major health problems on their own, the indirect effect on their families and there are also likely to be important question marks about whether they would be covered by insurance if they received coronavirus.


Football clubs are unlikely to be covered and player contracts have no force majeure clause that has left them exposed, but the biggest concern is that if a player in the family becomes infected.

The doctors are not convinced that the players – although they are generally positive in public – are sure to resume games and Sergio Aguero and Glenn Murray have already spoken out.


Aguero said: “Most players are scared because they have families, children, children and parents.

“It scares me, but I was only here with my girlfriend, I didn't have contact with other people and they say that contracting the disease is very rare and difficult, but they say that there are people who have it, and they have no symptoms and they can infect you.

"That's why I stayed at home. You may be infected and you don't know anything about it."

Players will now be consulted through captains, PFA representatives and clubs, and the result will be returned to the Premier League, which is likely to meet again on Friday, 24 hours after the latest government blocking update.


This meeting is likely to continue if the government facilitates blocking measures and there is a growing feeling that the entire restart may depend on the players giving their approval, as their feelings are likely to be heard at last.


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