Pregnant women ‘at higher risk of severe coronavirus the closer they get to due date’

Pregnant women may be at higher risk for severe coronavirus the closer to the due date, a new study warned.


Researchers at Lund University analyzed the effects of pregnancy on coronavirus gravity.

Writing for The conversation, the main researchers, Dr. Mehreen Zaigham and Ola Andersson, explained: “The immune system during pregnancy becomes less aggressive in order not to attack the genetically different baby that grows inside the mother. This makes the mother more susceptible to viral infections.

“Likewise, the size of the chest cavity decreases during pregnancy, leaving the lungs with less space to work due to the pressure of the growing uterus.


“This is why pregnant women often find it difficult to breathe, especially in the last three months of pregnancy. It could also make COVID-19 more serious. "

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In the study, the researchers analyzed the first 108 pregnancies reported with a confirmed COVID-19.

According to the researchers, mothers often suffered from classic COVID -19 symptoms of fever and dry cough, although not all women had symptoms.

Most mothers were in the third trimester and many needed delivery before the baby's due date.

In addition, 91% of mothers had their babies by cesarean section.


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The researchers explained: "The reason for this is often unclear, but some researchers have cited possible fetal distress – which means that the unborn baby is at risk of lacking oxygen."

The team points out that several factors can complicate pregnancy, including diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

However, they added: "We found that there is growing evidence to suggest that women with already high-risk pregnancies had more serious COVID-19 infections."

Fortunately, the review found no evidence that mothers infected their fetus with COVID-19.


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