Police — Student joyrides on ATV damage LSU field

The field in LSU & # 39; s Tiger Stadium suffered thousands of dollars in damage after a student reportedly took a couple of rides on an ATV, according to police.

Clayton Fleetwood, 19, is accused of breaking into the football stadium on two different nights and sometimes taking a Kawasaki MULE ATV parked inside and driving it on the field, which was under construction.


He was arrested on Thursday and charged with simple theft, criminal intrusion and unauthorized use of furniture. Later, the police also arrested Thomas English, 18, on theft and furniture charges, and Cathrine Nowery, 20, on the invasion and furniture charges.

A police report obtained by The Advocate says that Fleetwood and English were captured on video surveillance in the late evening of January 21 and that Fleetwood returned with Nowery on February 8.

"Note that the field was under construction and without grass, and had only a new drainage system installed," said the police report. "[Fleetwood’s] the use of the ATV in the field area caused sufficient grooves / damage to require that the precision classification be repeated. "


Repeating this classification will cost $ 8,000, LSU contractors said, according to The Advocate.

LSU, which won the game at the College's National Football Playoff Championship last month, begins its spring football program on March 7, with a fight at Tiger Stadium scheduled for April 18.


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