Police chief condemns 'release of back door' of criminals arrested in Ekiti – Television Channels

The new Ekiti state police commissioner, Tunde Mobayo, talks about the state's security situation.

Ekiti's new state police commissioner, Tunde Mobayo, has condemned what he describes as the release of criminals in the state through the back door.


Speaking during a press conference on Friday, the police chief said he is determined to deploy intelligence-based policing to protect lives and property in Ekiti.

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"If we have a situation where we have offenders arrested and not punished, there is a possibility that the spread of crime will increase," he said.


The police chief also promised to release criminal elements in the state, adding that anyone arrested would face all the wrath of the law.

"So I am the type of person who believes that a criminal should be seen as disciplined according to the law," he said.


He also warned command officials against committing acts contrary to the law, adding that any personnel caught will be severely punished.

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