PixelBook Go Launches – Google Laptop Offers MacBook Look at Windows 10 Prices


Google is back with a new laptop designed to lure Mac and Windows fans away from their trusted PCs. The US tech company announced its new PixelBook Go late last year and now this ultra portable computer is for sale in the UK.

With a style that can be mistaken for something that came straight from Apple's design studio, the Go offers a stunning look without the premium price of a MacBook.


In fact, at £ 629, it's more in line with what many expect to pay for a mid-range Windows 10 machine.

For your money, you get a 13.3-inch touchscreen that delivers high-definition image quality up to 4K.

There is also a 12-hour battery that should last a day, and when things get dry, it can be charged quickly with 20 minutes on the plug, providing two hours of playback.


Other features include two USB-C ports, a keyboard that Google boasts for a quieter typing experience, and a unique design that not only means it weighs only two pounds, but also facilitates handling on the go.

Under the hood, Pixelbook Go has the same high-performance 8th generation Intel Core processor, which means it will start in seconds.

There are also those regular automatic updates that are sent by Google to keep things safe.


And with Chrome OS, you can also access all the popular apps and games found on the Google Play store.

Other interesting extras include loud double speakers, a 1080p webcam, and access to Google assistants by tapping the keyboard or simply saying the words "Hey Google."

As we mentioned earlier, the PixelBook Go starts at £ 629 and comes in two colors, including Just Black with Not Pink coming later this year.

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