PDP overthrows APC for alleged conspiracy to defraud Edo research

By Gbade Ogunwale, Abuja

The Democratic Peoples Party (PDP) has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of sponsoring false reports on some online platforms, claiming that the PDP was trying to defraud the September 19 state government election in Edo.

That online report claimed that former Senate President Bukola Saraki was putting more pressure on the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to help the PDP plan the election.


But in a reaction on Thursday, the PDP accused the APC leadership of conspiring to use fabrications in a section of the media to twist INEC to manipulate Edo's election for APC candidate Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

In a statement by PDP spokesman Kola Ologbondiyan, the party accused APC of trying to use the false reports to blackmail INEC to defraud the APC election.

The statement said that the false report further exposed the hopelessness of APC and its candidate for their rejection by the Edo people and now tries to blackmail INEC.


It says: “Considering that we understand the APC's dismay over the growing popularity of our party and candidate, Governor Godwin Obaseki, APC is worsening its anxieties by sponsoring counterfeits against the expressed will of the people of the Edo state to re-elect Governor Obaseki in September election.

“APC, now, must know that the attempt to manipulate, in any way, will certainly be met with strong resistance and terrible consequences on the part of the people.


“Our party advises APC to blame anyone but itself for having a discredited nomination process and for being stuck with a ruined candidate, who has now become a symbol of direct outrage by corrupt political godparents and cabal to the will, ability and freedom of the people of Edo state choose their own leader.

“APC must blame itself for presenting a candidate who was exposed by the former national party president, Adams Oshiomhole, as a questionable character, treasure-spoiler, acid bather, rustic student; a politician, who only serves for “night meetings” and is not able to occupy the post of governor of the state of Edo.

"APC must also hold Oshiomhole responsible for indicting his candidate as a" false pastor "who started taking the Holy Bible because he could not practice as a lawyer."

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The PDP also said that it is a shame that, 73 days after the election, all that APC has to offer is blackmail against PDP leaders, after its plans to prevent the election have been exposed.


“It is well known to Nigerians that characters, such as & # 39; gandollar & # 39 ;, the killers in the Kogi elections and the manipulators in the Imo elections, being represented by APC as the face of their campaign in the Edo state, were imposed on the office. through manipulation, bleeding and manipulation of election results.


“Nigerians already know how the election of & # 39; Gandollar & # 39; it was led by mercenaries from neighboring countries who interrupted electoral processes and inflicted injuries and pain on our compatriots.

“Nigerians also remember that in the Kogi elections last year, armed men and police helicopters were used to scare voters away, while an innocent woman, Salome Abuh, was killed by APC bandits in celebration of the election victory. stained with blood in the country's worst election. our political history as a nation.

“The public also did not forget how an individual, who came fourth in the distant elections for the Imo state government, suddenly became the winner.

"The PDP notes that it is only a discredited and rejected party like the APC that will recruit the services of known electoral manipulators, who have now started their task by sponsoring false reports to run their campaign," added the party.

The PDP has warned APC to give up conspiracies to defraud the election of Edo, as the people will firmly resist these attempts, adding that APC leaders must blame themselves for their problems and prepare to accept their inevitable overwhelming defeat in the vote.

The main opposition party urged INEC to observe the dangerous plots of APC leaders and to isolate themselves from their antics, as the tide in this election is already clear for all to see.

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