PDP chief seeks NWC intervention in Ekiti crisis

By Rasaq Ibrahim, Ado-Ekiti

Former member of the National Assembly, Senator Duro Faseyi, appealed to the national organ of the People's Democratic Party to urgently intervene in the crisis plaguing the Ekiti state chapter, with the aim of saving it from total collapse.


Faseyi said the party would not survive if the crisis that culminated in parallel wing executive councils across the state and the process put in place to prevent the party from recognizing the list allegedly generated by the Haruna Manu ward congressional committee continues.

The PDP chief told reporters in Ado Ekiti that urgent intervention by the party's National Labor Committee to reconcile the groups and take steps to correct the errors allegedly perpetrated in the state during the party's March wing congresses were crucial.

The former member of the National Assembly also clarified that the repositioning movement in the Ekiti PDP was not a faction or platform for the supremacy battle, as was claimed in some sectors, saying: “The repositioning started as a step to take advantage from the shock of electoral defeats and plotting a new course with the aim of correcting errors and restoring the PDP on the path to victory ”.


The head of the PDP, who said that there was no leadership dispute at Ekiti with Chief Ayodele Fayose still as a former governor, said: “He (Fayose) governed us for eight years, so it is clear that he is the leader and must play. that role. He should not see himself as the leader of a PDP group. He should know how to get everyone together at the party. That is my advice to him ”.

Faseyi said: "NWC intervention is necessary to restore party peace, unite members and ensure the return of party capacity to power in Ekiti. It is necessary to put the house in order, to abandon all divisible tendencies being fed daily by selfish aggrandizement and unnecessary ego ”.


He said: “The committee led by Manu did not conduct congresses in some wards, including those of the local government in Ilejemeje, where I come from, but they have obtained results. Constituting excerpts from the ward based on the list generated by the committee would only lead to chaos. This is unacceptable. The national body accepting this list is the beginning of the party's failure.

Faseyi said that in addition to Manu's arrival in the state at 3 pm on the day of the congresses, he refused to listen to advice, adding: “He insisted on new congresses. We argued that this could only be done the next day, considering the time, but he said "no" and distributed the material around 4 pm to congresses in 177 wards.

“Surprisingly, the staff did not go to some wards to conduct the congresses. None of them showed up at my local government wards. We wait for them in vain. Some of the official calls were even fake. Later, they converged on Petim Guest House, where they inserted names in the documents. The way forward is the PDP National.

"The truth is that there will be no local government or state congresses until everything is resolved. The best thing in the present circumstance, which will be of interest to the PDP in Ekiti State, is for the national body to come in, call both sides and do the required.


"If we continue with the case, we do not know when it will be closed because it is capable of reaching the Supreme Court. The implication is that there would be no local governments and state congresses," said Faseyi.


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