Pastor T.B. Joshua reveals source of funds for his ministry

By Adebisi Onanuga

Pastor Temitope Joshua, of the Church of the Synagogue of All Nations (SCOAN), revealed his position on tithes and other offerings on Monday through his popular Christian television channel, Emmanuel TV.


A TV broadcast from Emmanuel on Sunday, May 3, 2020 aired on & # 39; youtube & # 39; on Monday, in which a spectator sought to know how the clergyman raises funds because he is never heard preaching about tithing and offerings.

Although Pastor Joshua was not physically present during the broadcast, one of his ministers responded on his behalf to the question asked by the viewer.

He said that people who are consciously willing to do God's work without being asked.


According to him: “The wrong people need to be remembered many times before they can give because it is not from their heart”, clarifying that the wrong people refer to “doubtful” or “corrupt” individuals who receive their money, their things from the source wrong ".

The cleric described giving gifts as "biblical", but emphasized that people should give as "God incites their conscience".


"There may not be many, but people of conscience are giving, I mean, the right people are giving genuinely, for the salvation of their souls and their gifts are blessed by God," he admitted.

He noted that some people would give "to be seen, heard and praised here", adding that if they later went through difficult times, they would often write letters to the church reminding them of the money they had previously given.

He said that these people are mistaken and often see his offerings as a way to "bargain with God to get what they want" or a way to manipulate Him "to approve of their selfish motives".

The clergyman emphasized: “Giving is like serving. Both must be done with joy, without being remembered, because you do not need to be reminded to do what gives you joy ", adding that believers must ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to give, receive and ask.


“The force behind the determined money determines what kind of money it is,” Joshua explained, adding, “when we inherit the stolen wealth, we would live under a stolen future, mortgaging our future. Remember, what comes from God goes to him. "


The cleric said he was "very careful" when it comes to receiving offerings from congregants, saying, "If I receive anything from you, the source and the way you provide it will determine whether it is a blessing or a curse that I receive from you. ".

Regarding a question about the current situation that has led to the closure of churches worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, Joshua explained that this period "requires awareness".

“If you give something from your heart, it will bless you and also the person or ministry that receives it,” concluded the cleric in the interactive program citing the apostle Paul's warning in 2 Corinthians to give as “each proposes in his heart, no grudgingly, because God loves a cheerful giver, ”he added.

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