Oyo APC and PDP exchange words during Makinde's first year in office

Bisi Oladele, Head of the Southwest Bureau

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State described the first year of Governor Seyi Makinde's government as a failure.

He said Makinde failed to ease the state's dependence on federal funds within a year, as promised during his campaign.


But the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the state insisted that the governor was rebuilding what the opposition destroyed in eight years.

In a statement by its advertising secretary, Dr. Azeez Olatunde, APC yesterday criticized the current government's alleged achievements, saying it deliberately decided not to recognize its predecessor Abiola Ajimobi for putting the work in motion before leaving office last year. .

The statement emphasized that the Makinde government is celebrating the payment of salaries as if its predecessor did not do the same for three consecutive years of its mandate until the economic recession approached.


In the area of ​​education, APC classified Makinde as low, claiming to have completed 307 projects, but which were carried out by the previous government. He wondered how the new government could complete projects in a sector that it claimed Ajimobi had left in a sorry state.

The party highlighted Makinde's alleged failure in security, emphasizing that he was not based on Ajimobi's high performance in the sector. He added that, instead of recognizing Ajimobi's health efforts, he willingly converted the health center that the former governor built in Olodo, Ibadan, to the infectious diseases and research center and changed its name from the Maternity Center and Pediatrics by Abiola Ajimobi, in order to erase the vision. of its predecessor. In addition, APC said Makinde did not recognize the four fully equipped ambulances donated to his administration by the federal government.


APC also criticized Makinde for lending N39.5 billion in a year after he told the world that Ajimobi plunged the state into huge loans with nothing to show for it.

He also declared Makinde a failure in agriculture, accusing him of doing nothing significant in the sector in a year, despite securing a N7.5 billion loan to rebuild two agricultural settlements.

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But in reaction, the state chapter of the Democratic Peoples Party (PDP) said it did not expect any applause from the opposition.

In a response statement from advertising secretary Akeem Olatunji, the party accused APC of underestimating Makinde's achievements. He said there was no longer a need to dignify Oyo APC with answers, adding that the opposition's strategy of reviving its dead image and public acceptance by the people prompted it to resort to unshakable attacks on Governor Makinde for imaginary reasons.


Olatunji described the opposition as a group of desperate people who still licked his wounds due to rejection across the state, emphasizing that even after Satan was sent from heaven to earth according to the holy books, he (Satan) is still busy deceiving human beings to gain their power. souls to the fires of hell.


The PDP thanked the people of the state for maintaining their faith and having unwavering confidence in the administration of Governor Makinde, emphasizing that he will focus on the development and progress of the state.

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