Oyetola swears at the President of the Osun Court of Appeal



Speaking at the inauguration ceremony in Osogbo, Oyetola urged Awolalu to continue where your predecessor left off supporting "The principles of your office and fulfill your responsibilities with the highest level of integrity, equity, discipline and fairness"


The governor maintained that the best way to immortalize the late court president was to continue seeking justice for the good people of the state.


He described the former president of the court as "A judge of justice, who was an epitome of character, industry, professionalism and leadership".

Oyetola said that with Awolalu's pedigree as an incorruptible, fearless and courageous judge, he had no doubt about his ability to sustain the existing trust that people had in the judiciary as a justice provider in the state.

“Hon. Justice Awolalu is entering the office at a time when Osun State remains Nigeria's most peaceful state.

“It is a period when the three branches of government in the state enjoy peaceful coexistence without compromising their exclusive roles.

“It is also a time when people have an implicit confidence in the state judiciary.

“The judiciary is described as the common man's last hope.

"The president of the habitual Court of Appeal must therefore lead the court to perform its role with the highest level of responsibility and impartiality to ensure justice and peace for the people",& # 39; said the governor.

At the beginning of his acceptance speech, Awolalu thanked the governor for approving his nomination, as well as promising to justify the trust placed in him, being fair and just in the judgment of justice.

“I see this as an opportunity to build and consolidate the good work of those who served in that position.

“I am committed to ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of justice.

"I will ensure that every man gets justice according to the Constitution and the judicial system,Awolalu said.

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