Ordered on Amazon Prime? Why your next delivery could take a month

If you placed an order on Amazon while isolating yourself at home – you could wait for the item much longer than expected. That's because the Seattle-based retail company has introduced a series of new measures to help deal with the new coronavirus pandemic in progress. If you ordered a non-essential item – you may have decided that staying locked up for the next three weeks is the perfect opportunity to start learning how to play the guitar or redecorating the guest room, for example – you can wait weeks for it to arrive.

This also applies to Prime customers. One of the main advantages of the annual Amazon membership system is the free next day delivery on thousands of items served by Amazon. However, those who pay £ 79 a year can still wait weeks.


According to the technology blog Recode, those in the United States – who have also introduced several blocking measures in various states – may face a wait of up to a month. Fortunately, it appears that customers in the UK will not have to endure the same wait at the moment.

Some non-essential items will take a few more days to arrive – even if they are eligible for Prime – so you may want to change your plans if you need the item to arrive the next day. Amazon is prioritizing warehouse space for essential items such as household items and medical supplies. Other items may not be replenished at the same pace as usual to save shelf space.

Some salespeople warned that they might have to fire employees due to the renewed strategy during the pandemic, which could last for months.


On a recently launched page on the impact that coronavirus could have on its delivery service, Amazon says, "Our teams are working to ensure that we can continue to deliver to the most affected customers, many of whom have no other way to obtain items. We are prioritizing the entry and shipping of the most needed items to our customers now.

"These are items like food, health and personal care products, books and items needed to work from home. As a result, note that the delivery times for some items may be longer than usual at the moment."


Amazon introduced a series of changes to its typical procedures to try to reduce the chance of customers and employees contracting the potentially fatal COVID-19 virus. He confirms: "Drivers have been advised to reduce contact with customers by placing packages at the customer's door and stepping back. If identification verification is required, they are now carried out remotely."

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