One killed in the attack by soldiers on the COVID-19 committee in Borno

  • 501 new cases registered in 24 hours
  • NCDC publishes guidelines for reopening worship centers
  • 51 doctors, 17 inmates test positive in Bauchi

Moses Emorinken, Abuja and agency report

The enforcement of the COVID-19-induced interstate travel ban was bloody in Borno state yesterday after armed soldiers attacked the state's COVID-19 Committee at a state checkpoint.

A driver from the state's Rapid Response Squad was killed during the incident.


Four other people were injured.

Five hundred and one new cases of the deadly virus were reported across the country yesterday, the Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC) reported in an evening update.

The state of Lagos alone has 195 of the most recent infections.


The soldiers, linked to the 7th Army Division and driving in three Hilux trucks, joined the COVID-19 travel ban enforcement team led by the state attorney general, Malam Kakashehu Lawal, and the health commissioner, Dr. Salisu Kwaya-Bura.

Lawal, who spoke to reporters about the incident, claimed that the soldiers, in an attempt to force the passage, knocked down the barricade erected on the road to prevent non-essential travelers from entering the state.


He said the troops claimed to be on a mission to repel Boko Haram's attack on Gubio, hit the Rapid Response Squadron (RRS) convoy that imposed the blockade.

He said the impact of the collision propelled the RRS Hilux vehicle on the road.

The RRS vehicle attacked and killed the driver, injuring three other security guards.

Lawal said: “After hitting the vehicle, the soldiers aimed their trucks at us and started to attack us.


"One of the soldiers looked at me and told me & # 39; to hell with democracy, useless democracy & # 39 ;.


“Others pointed their guns at us, while one of them removed the cap from a police officer linked to the team.

"A cameraman connected to the deputy governor's office staff was also attacked and beaten while his camera was seized by the soldiers."

Kakashehu said he asked police officers on his team to remain calm, even when angry soldiers attacked them.

“The reason we maintained our position at the site was to invite journalists and military officials to witness what was going on, so that they could end impunity.

“As Nigerians, the mission and vision of the government led by Buhari and also the army chief of staff is to save the lives and property of the people.

"Therefore, we cannot just allow a band of military personnel to cause any form of harassment when people are under their official responsibility," said Lawan.

The efforts of the deputy governor of the state, Alhaji Usman Kadafur, and the commander of the 7th Division garrison, Brigadier-General, were needed. Domingo Igbinomwanhia, to control the situation.

Also speaking, the health commissioner told the military commander that the soldiers aimed a gun at him after he identified himself.

He added that the soldiers allowed other drivers to enter the city without passing any COVID-19 test; an action that, according to him, could hinder the government's efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kwaya-Bura explained that so far the state has registered more than 400 cases of coronavirus.

“Yesterday alone, more than 40 people who traveled to the state were positive for COVID-19. This led to the committee's decision to impose the blockade on this road today, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Kadafur, who also serves as chairman of the COVID-19 Committee, condemned the incident, describing it as "unhappy".

He said that when the incident was reported, he quickly alerted the Garrison Commander to come to the scene in order to restore calm.

"In a situation like this, you have to look at the psyche of the individuals involved, because I am the one who will be attacked tomorrow," he said.

The deputy governor urged the armed forces to investigate the incident to prevent a recurrence.

Reacting, Igbinomwanhia apologized to the COVID-19 team for the incident.

He ensured that the army would create a commission of inquiry to investigate the incident and promised to punish soldiers who make mistakes.

Nigeria registers 501 new cases of COVID-19

The Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC), in its update on the coronavirus, last night, released the 501 new cases as follows: Lagos-195; FCT-50; Kano-42; Kaduna-27; Ed-26; Oyo-22; Imo-21; Gombe-17; Benue-12; Enugu-12; Delta-11; Anambra-11; Ebonyi-10; Nasarawa-9; Ogun-9; Bauchi-8; Kebbi-4; Akwa Ibom-3; Jigawa-3; Katsina-3; Yobe-2; Borno-2; Kwara-1; and Ondo-1.

Overall, Nigeria recorded 15,682 cases.

Five thousand one hundred and seven cases were investigated and 407 deaths were registered.

NCDC publishes guidelines for reopening worship centers

Yesterday, the Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC) released guidelines for the reopening of places of worship, as the easing of the COVID-19 blockade continues.

Worshipers should wear face masks and wash and sanitize their hands when entering and leaving places of worship.

The NCDC said: “There should be no entry without masks. All participants and religious leaders must wear masks. Sick people should not go to places of worship. There must be temperature screening at the entrance.

“Hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers must be provided at entry points and strategic points.

“Participation in religious settings must not exceed one third of the seating capacity, and religious centers must be clearly marked so that people sit and stand two meters apart.

“There should be no form of direct contact. Practices such as handshaking as signs of peace are discouraged.

“Practices that require sharing of materials should be limited. For example, ablution should be performed at home.

"Religious centers must be disinfected routinely, before and after worship."

51 doctors, 17 inmates test positive in Bauchi

The executive chairman of the Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency (BASPHCDA), Dr. Rilwanu Mohammed, announced yesterday that 51 doctors have so far tested positive for coronavirus in the state.

Mohammed told the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) in Bauchi that 17 inmates in the state penitentiary have also had positive results.

The president, however, regretted that one of the doctors lost his life due to the virus in the line of duty.

The BASPHCDA chief said that an isolation center had been established in the correctional facilities to ensure that no inmates escaped.

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Edo records 28 new cases, two deaths, 16 more patients discharged

The Edo state government has announced two new deaths resulting from complications with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the discharge of an additional 16 patients after negative tests for the virus.

The state also registered 28 new cases of the virus, with 13 confirmed in the laboratory of the Hospital Especializado de Irrua (ISTH) and 15 in the laboratory of the Teaching Hospital of the University of Benin (UBTH).

With the new figures, Edo has already recorded a total of 27 deaths related to COVID-19, 130 people dismissed, 1,741 contacts listed on the line, 4,217 suspected cases and 518 confirmed cases.

Governor Godwin Obaseki said in a statement that the state government will continue to intensify efforts to reduce the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of the Edo people.

The governor, however, urged residents to be cautious and comply with all health and safety precautions to protect all citizens, especially the elderly, noting that the elderly are most at risk from the pandemic.

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