No Sport in UK until June 1st

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There will be no elite sport in the UK until at least June 1st. It is likely that this sport is behind closed doors without the presence of spectators.

The UK government released a roadmap on Monday about what they plan to do in the coming weeks, in terms of what activities can be carried out. With regard to sport in the UK, this falls under step 2 of your script. He says the sport may return on June 1, but it should be closed back. He says: “Allowing cultural and sporting events to take place behind closed doors for transmission, avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact”.


The document states that cinemas and venues may reopen in step three, which is not earlier than July 4. He states: "Some places that, by default, are crowded and where it may be difficult to establish distances, may still not be able to reopen safely at this time, or may be opened safely only in part." All of this information is available in the document entitled Our Reconstruction Plan: The UK Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy & # 39 ;.

The document states that the opening of venues such as sports stadiums "It will only be fully possible significantly later, depending on the reduction in the number of infections."


It seems certain now that the various organizations will hold meetings to discuss their next action plans and when to start the sport from June. Football has been in the background in the UK for almost two months (March 13). However, we reported last month that the Premier League is looking to go back to complete the 92 games in June.

Horse racing in the UK may also return in June. Horse racing stopped in the UK on 17 March. The news came from the British Racing Authority's Twitter account, where they tweeted: "Industry leaders are meeting to discuss the information available and will issue an initial response today."

The first horse racing events that could qualify for the opening of the venues in June will be 1000 guineas and 2000 guineas like Newmarket. If they go. Go ahead or not is another matter. Obviously, things will have to stop, that is, the slow spread of the virus to allow this to happen. However, we are still not seeing any sports until the 1st of June.

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