No Brexit breakthrough expected at next set of talks, EU adviser says

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Union and Britain are likely to have to engage in accelerated Brexit negotiations over the summer because no one expects a breakthrough in the next round of negotiations, said an adviser to the EU's top trade negotiator, Michel Barnier. on Friday.

"I am not so optimistic about Round 4, I hope we make some progress, it will not be a breakthrough," said Stefaan de Rynck at an online event organized by the Institute For Government.


"We will assume that there is no extension or transition, which is the UK government's position, so we come to July 1st … we will have to negotiate during the summer. This will have to happen at an accelerated pace."

He added that the two sides must work at all costs to prevent Britain from leaving without a future trade agreement. (Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by Costas Pitas)

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