Nigeria: Royal Father Promotes Nigeria’s Image Globally

A book titled ‘Not all Nigerians are corrupt’ has been formally written in reaction to a statement made some time ago by the former Prime Minister of Britain that Nigerians are fantastically corrupt.

The Egbere Emere 1, Okori Eleme, Rivers State, HRH Appolus Chu, is the author and he says there is need for Nigerians and foreigners to promote Nigerians as great and hardworking entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, world-class entertainers and sports men of international repute who work hard to promote the world economy.

He made this pronouncement at the just concluded 16th Africa Security Watch Awards, tagged, “Celebration of Africa’s best in Security, Safety and Governance”, held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates where the Royal Father addressed the world as the keynote speaker alongside the Executive Dean, Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Prof Samuel Tshehla.

The peace ambassador’s entrance into the United Arab Emirates this time wasn’t like his regular visits to the region but that of one who was on a globally mission to set the record straight, rewrite Africa’s story and tell the world that “Not all Nigerians are Corrupt”.

Addressing the world audience, HRH Chu was of the opinion that the West sees Nigerian businessmen setting up factories as threats to the monopoly they are enjoying in the Nigerian market and African economy at large, thus they intentionally blackmail the Africans particularly Nigerians.

“We all know that Nigeria is a huge market to the global economy and I do know that there are few countries in the world that have been enjoying the monopoly of the Nigeria market and because Nigerians have come of age, developing different business ideas and forming businesses and products that are of international standard which make them stand at par with these foreign countries and companies, thereby posing a threat to the many countries that have been monopolising the Nigeria and world markets.

“So what these foreigners do is to attack us with blackmails and then generalise negative traits of a few bad Nigerians to every Nigerian they come across. They keep saying that Nigerians are corrupt, so as to, perhaps, deny them partnership with foreign companies, loans and so many other things that would aid their businesses. They are trying to destabilised Nigerian businessmen from working hard, being focused and achieving great heights.”

He therefore called on the Western media to be objective and fair in their reportage, ensuring they create a balance.