Nick Cordero’s wife says his lungs are ‘severely damaged’

On Thursday, Amanda Kloots posted an update on her husband's condition on their Instagram Stories.

Kloots said there was good news that even with low blood counts, tests showed that her 41-year-old husband did not bleed internally. But on another front, the news was not good.


"However, we learned that because of COVID, Nick's lungs are seriously injured," she said. "To look like he's been a smoker for 50 years they said. They are so hurt."

She went on to say that there are "holes in your lungs where you obviously don't want holes to be."

Kloots has posted about the Tony-nominated actor man she said is hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.


Cordero was contacted by a Tony in 2014 for his role in "Bullets Over Broadway."

According to his wife, Cordero has battled several complicated Covid-19 complications over the past month had to have his leg amputated.
Kloot made his appearance on "CBS This Morning" on Thursday and talked about the huge support they have received since he got sick.

"I feel like there's an army of people behind him, behind us, and I just think – I get the shivers that say it," she said. "I just think he'll wake up."


As of Friday, Cordero had still not regained consciousness weeks after being sedated.

Kloots has promoted #WakeUpNick online which has seen people around the world post support for actor "Rock of Ages".

"It's May 1. Nick was induced and put on a fan in the ICU April 1," Kloots posted on Instagram Friday in the caption of a photo showing a #WakeUpNick banner. "New month, same goal! YOU CAN DO IT BABY! Our neighbors are great too."

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