NFL games could be the perfect storm for spreading coronavirus even without fans, Dr. Fauci warns

"I think it's possible for players with negative testing to play in an empty stadium," Said Fauci in the interview. "Is it guaranteed? No way."

However, Fauci warned that it all depends on the level of infection in the community – if the infection rate is still high, "you can't have a season – it's impossible," he said.

In the NBC Sports interview, the talking doctor painted a scenario to show how easy it is for players in a close contact sport like football to spread the virus. While Fauci said that sweat will not transmit the virus, someone with the virus can easily spread it to different parts of the body, and as soon as they come in contact with another player, it can just as easily infect them.


When King asked Fauci what would happen if four players on a team tested positive, Fauci was blunt: You have to "turn it off."

"You have a problem there," Fauci told King.

"Do you know why? Because it is likely that if four of them are positive and they are connected, that the others that are negative are very positive. So, I mean, if you have one outrigger (only one player tests positive) "I think you can get away. But when you end up having a situation where it looks like it's scattered in a team, you have a real problem. You have to shut it down," he said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci participates in the daily coronavirus task management at the White House April 22 in Washington.
Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House & # 39; coronavirus task force, told CNN Monday he will even begin a "modified quarantine" after taking a "low-risk contact" with the White House employee who tested positive for coronavirus.

The "low risk" rating means that he was not close to the person who tested positive during the time when the person was known to be positive for the virus.

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