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Newcastle United is huge in a football club town. The Toon Army is crazy about their club. Even when things have not gone well for the Magpies in recent years, scores have appeared to assist the team.

The fans rain or shine to watch, let's face a mediocre team, imagine what would happen if they were successful on the field? This is a scenario that prospective new owners, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, are planning for the team as they plan to complete a £ 300 million acquisition of the giants in the northeast.


Acquisition delayed slightly

According to the Chronicle, the much talked about acquisition of Newcastle is experiencing a slight delay. The club decided not to comment on the proposed acquisition, which is now in the hands of the Premier League. There were doubts about the completion of the acquisition.

However, Chronicle reports say that the key figures involved in the deal are highly confident of completing the acquisition. Any deal that will free the club from unpopular owner Mike Ashley is sure to be music to the ears of Newcastle fans.

Lack of investment led to lack of success

The Ashley era in Newcastle provided nothing but austerity. He will claim that the Magpies broke his transfer record on several occasions during his reign. However, the fees Newcastle have paid for players are insignificant compared to most teams at the same level.


Chronic underinvestment in the team over the past decade has left the Magpies in a kind of football limbo. If the team was not standing still, they were suffering relegation. This is not the fault of coaches or fans, it is the fault of an owner who, as an entrepreneur, treats Newcastle as simply another business, which it certainly is not.

Is it naive to think that football is not a business, but certainly a little decent investment in the team would not have sold the club by now? A better team, the winning games would have made the Magpies better known and attractive to bidders.


Coaches like Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce deserve credit for stabilizing the ship, while the captain made the jump. The latter is not my favorite football boss and, despite being a local, it was not a popular commitment.

The seasoned boss is unlikely to be able to get rid of the connection with Ashley. With conversations about Mauricio Pochettino, former head of Tottenham, being the first choice of new owners as a coach, Bruce's days as head of the Magpies may be ending. The Argentine is now a favorite in the 5/6 odds to be Newcastle's next boss.

Success may not be easy

If the acquisition goes as expected, Newcastle will have the wealthiest Premier League owners in some way. Fans expect big investments to improve the team, and they should. They have given their loyalty and support to a team that has given them very little to photograph in the past few decades.

Newcastle fans will be realistic, although old Geordies stereotypes are silly, they certainly are not that. They will know that the club will not be instantly transformed into a title contender. They just want excitement and entertainment that they pay their money to see.


Success may not be easy, especially if the FFP remains in tactic in the post-COVID-19 world. If that happens, they will need time to form a team. As Everton discovered in recent years, having a billionaire owner is no guarantee of success.


Fortunately, for loyal fans, Newcastle is successful and finally gets the team it deserves. The acquisition could be the beginning of a new era for your team.

Will the potential takeover lead to Newcastle's success?

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