New Wanda Diamond League Calendar for August-October 2020

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A shorter Wanda Diamond League season has been scheduled for late summer and the fall of 2020 has been confirmed, with several events rescheduled and others canceled as organizers continue to adapt the season in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

A new provisional calendar will see several Wanda Diamond League meetings taking place as one-off events, while others will be held as tailored Wanda Diamond League meetings. There will be no events in July and the first half of August (except for National Championships, when possible), and the season will be extended to October


The Wanda Diamond League 2020 will not be a structured series of events that will lead to a final, as is usually the case; therefore, athletes will not earn Diamond League points this season and there will not be a single 24-discipline final in Zurich, as originally planned.

The provisional schedule is:


August: Monaco (14), Gateshead (16) and Stockholm (23).

September: Lausanne (2nd), Brussels (4th), Paris (6th BC), (Rome / Naples (17th), Shanghai (19)º)

October: Eugene (4), Doha (9), a second meeting in China (17, local tba).

The following events have been canceled: Rabat (31 May, suspended in March), London (scheduled for 4 July) and Zurich (9 to 11 September). The latter would have been staged as the final of Wanda's diamond league.


After the restructuring of the 2020 season, Zurich received the right of the Diamond League General Assembly to hold the finals in 2021 and 2022.


The decision was made possible after Eugene gave consent for the 2022 final, which had already been granted to the American site, to be postponed by one year to 2023.

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