Nebraska coronavirus: Some schools are donating 3D printers to make supplies for a hospital

"A great example of locals stepping up, meeting a challenge and doing the right thing, finding out how to solve the problems," he said at a news conference Friday. "This is why we have to beat this virus because we have such people."

Nebraska has at least 89 reported coronavirus cases. Two people have died.
New York may be weeks away from reaching the top in coronavirus cases. Now other states are preparing for a wave
The school districts received a dozen high-quality 3D printers for use with youth students through a state program in 2018 in partnership with Nucor Detailing Center, the largest U.S. steelmaker's towing facility in Norfolk, according to the governor's office.

But in the midst of the American coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed at least 1,588 lives, that project now looks very different.


"All five districts have been very excited about the prospect of helping their communities during this pandemic," Ricketts' office said in a statement. "In addition to temporarily releasing their printers, they have all committed to providing the 3D plastic material and the clear acetate sheets (projector sheets)."

The equipment will go to Faith Regional Hospital in Norfolk, the governor's office said. The facility has not emptied the inventory, but has a limited offer of protective equipment and accepted the offer.


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