NCDC registers 338 new cases, total infections now 5959

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The Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC) on Sunday registered 338 new cases of COVID-19 in the country, bringing the total number of infections in Nigeria to 5959.

The NCDC also said that six new patients were confirmed killed by the virus in the country, bringing the total number of deaths to 182.


According to the health agency, the 338 new cases were confirmed in 18 states.

The 338 new cases were reported in: Lagos (177), Kano (64), FCT (21), Rivers (16), Plateau (14), Oyo (11), Katsina (9), Jigawa (4), Kaduna ( 4), Abia (3), Bauchi (3), Borno (3), Gombe (2), Akwa Ibom (2), Delta (2), Ondo (1), Kebbi (1), Sokoto (1).

The NCDC declared that no new state has reported a case in the past 24 hours.


The health agency said that, to date, 5959 cases have been confirmed, 4183 active cases, 1594 cases have been discharged and 182 deaths have been recorded in 34 states and the territory of the federal capital.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the health agency announced the inclusion of the 26th laboratories in the national network of COVID-19 laboratories.


He said that the 26th laboratory is the Accunalysis Diagnostic Center, in the state of Anambra.

The health agency said the states of Katsina, Kwara and Gombe were underway in their National COVID Laboratory Network19.

According to him, for states that do not have a laboratory, the samples are transported to the nearest state with a laboratory for testing the COVID-19.

However, the NCDC is working hard to ensure that there is a laboratory for testing COVID-19 in each state.


The NCDC said that this will increase access to tests and shorten the time to confirm the result. Response time is currently 48 to 96 hours.


Tests carried out through a laboratory within the NCDC network are offered free of charge.

“Where are people going to take the test? If you are experiencing known symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you are a close contact to a confirmed case, call your state's helpline.

"State officials will advise at the nearest testing center or will advise if a trained health professional comes to you to collect your sample," he said.

The NCDC said it has also created a directory of all state helplines that can be accessed via

The health agency said that one of the most important things that Nigerians need to remember while waiting for the test result is the need to protect their loved ones.

“While waiting for your results, it is important to isolate yourself from friends and family. Practice frequent hand washing; use a face mask to limit the spread of the infection to your loved ones and others; and ensure that the home environment is cleaned properly and frequently with disinfectant.

"If you test positive or negative for COVID-19, you should continue to take preventive measures, as recommended by the Federal Ministry of Health and the NCDC," he recommended. (NAN)

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