NASA takes stunning photo of space station of stars, cities, spaceships and a comet

From your position in the International Space Station, astronauts are treated with a unique view of our planet that most people will never have a chance to see.


The ISS orbits the Earth at a height of about 250 miles, which means that the space station makes about 16 trips across the Earth every day.

Now a NASA The astronaut on board the ISS took an impressive photo of "stars, city spaceships and a comet".

Astronaut Bob Behnken, who has been on the ISS for just a month, posted the beautiful photo on Twitter.


He wrote: “Night sky, just before dawn on @Space_Station. Stars, cities, spaceships and a comet!

Although it is not yet clear which cities can be seen in the photo, the comet is the NEOWISE comet, which will be visible throughout July.


NASA shares stunning photo of comet NEOWISE alongside cloud veins from the sky

The comet will reach the closest point to Earth on July 23, when it will be 103 million kilometers, according to Paul Sutherland, author of Skymania.

He explained: “The comet trail currently carries it between the constellations of Auriga and Gemini, so in early July you will have to look to the northeast, just below the bright star Capella, to find it.

“For the rest of July, comet NEOWISE will follow through Lynx and enter Ursa Major, passing under the familiar asterism of seven brilliant stars known as Ursa Major or Arado. This will keep you low in the sky before dawn, but will be more and more visible in the early evening, in a darker sky.


Comet NEOWISE over Lebanon

"In the third week of July, the comet will be on display all night and star watchers will be able to see it before going to bed, instead of having to get out of their warm beds before dawn!"

Although the comet is likely to be visible to the naked eye, binoculars can be useful if you have them.

Sutherland added: "Binoculars will be very useful for finding it, even if the comet is only visible at dusk."


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