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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is looking for people who are willing to spend eight months in a Russian laboratory. Those wishing to apply must speak English and Russian proficiently and have MS, PhD, MD or military training. Selected candidates will be rewarded, they said.

NASA is conducting the experiment in collaboration with Russia for the Artemis program. The program aims to send humans to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo 17 mission (1972). The US space agency, through the Artemis mission, not only plans to land humans on the moon, but also sends manned missions to Mars.


Mission facilities in Moscow, Russia Image credits: NASA and Institute for Biomedical Problems

During the experiment, a crew will live in isolation in a closed facility at the Russian Biomedical Problems Institute. The facility was used for a series of Russian missions to Mars in 2011. Two separate teams spent 520 and 105 days inside it, respectively.


This time, the installation will have environmental aspects similar to those that astronauts may encounter in future missions to Mars.

Those who are selected would have to spend these eight months in isolation, working on scientific research. They will also conduct experiments that future astronauts may have to carry out during the mission.

NASA basically wants to understand the psychological and physiological effects of isolation, placing the crew in this Mars-like environment.

The space agency recently announced that it would buy an additional seat from Soyuz from the Russian space agency for a launch this fall. It will pay more than $ 90 million to Roscosmos.


The move was taken "to ensure that the agency (NASA) maintains its commitment to safe operations through a continued presence in the USA on board the International Space Station until the capabilities of commercial crew are routinely available".


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