My husband is slowing my economic breakthrough, divorce seeking woman tells court [ARTICLE]


"Since I joined Rafiu & # 39;As a wife, nothing worked for me. I remained stagnant; moreover, he hits me like a slave.


"Rafiu also destroyed the small property I took to his home" Kafilat explained.


However, providing evidence before the court, Rafiu opposed the dissolution of the marriage, but did not deny the charges brought against him.



Rafiu, a bricklayer, simply asked the court to help him beg his wife not to abandon him.

"Please, my lord, don't separate us. She is my life, she is a good housewife.

"Maybe I can never get someone like her" Rafiu said.

The President of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje, advised the petitioner to be more patient.

Agbaje instructed the troubled couple to present their relatives in court at the next session and suspended the case until August 13 for trial.

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