Most terrifying Android warning yet: malware is targets banking apps

In addition to stealing system data from your device, the malware can also capture details of the SMS messages sent to the phone, which allows you to retrieve the unique usage codes used for two-factor authentication – an important extra layer of security implemented by most banks and transfer applications.

The researchers also claim that the malware can steal PINs on the screens of Samsung smartphones, steal data saved on your device and applications used on the device thanks to the abuse of accessibility features.


Cybereason believes that EventBot has the potential to become a serious threat in the coming weeks or months because "it is under constant iterative improvements, abuses a critical operating system feature and targets financial applications".

Cybereason says that EventBot highlights how mobile attacks are becoming more common, an issue that affects not only smartphone owners who want to check their bank balance, but also companies that rely on the same technology to verify company financial data. – something that is becoming more critical. people work from home during the pandemic.

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