Mole who leaked Buhari’s speech has been caught [ARTICLE]


Pulse had written about the leak on here. We also reported on Adesina's explanations of how the leak occurred and how the presidency was embarrassed about everything.


In an article he titled & # 39; Enemy of the State & # 39 ;, Adesina detailed how the culprit was arrested.


“You possibly watched the 1998 action-thriller with the title above, starring Will Smith. It was the box office success story about a group of people conspiring to kill an American congressman, and the plot tape was discovered. ” he started.



“Well, an enemy of the state hit Nigeria on Monday, but this time it was not fiction. It was an act of sabotage in real life by someone who does not want his own country well and who has taken a sinister kind of pleasure from undermining the system.

“President Muhammadu Buhari was supposed to transmit to the country at 8 pm to update the battle against COVID-19 and what happened to the four-week blockade, mainly in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States. Kano was also a point of great interest, with strange deaths devastating the state. Was it COVID-19 or not?

"While the country waited for the president with great expectations, a supposed copy of the broadcast started circulating on social media after 4 pm. Whodunnit?

“I took a look at the circulating document and, in a minute, knew it was an unauthorized copy. What immediately denounced him was the paragraph. It was completely different from the one that I was part of the production and that had been recorded for broadcast by the president.

"Another indication of the dubiousness of the document was the date it gave. He said that the blockade in the affected states and the FCT would be eased from May 2, while the authentic copy would present May 4.

“There were other discrepancies. The paragraphs extracted from the final copy were still intact, and the document was full of spelling and grammatical errors, which you would rarely find in a presidential broadcast, which would pass through several selected and trusted hands. "

The president's aide said he needed to work on the phones when the panic spread inside Aso Rock's media office.

“I made a few calls to everyone involved with the script, from the origin, which was outside the presidency, until the final edition, and the conclusion was easy to reach. Someone had released the original draft, which went through many stages of improvement in terms of content and language, and thinking it was an exclusive world in terms of artifice and covert action, he put it on social media.

“Whoever would do that, except an Enemy of the State, someone who wants to ridicule the government, causes the greatest confusion in society and smiles with malevolent pleasure, as the government and possibly the president's media handlers have been scourged and taken to the cleaning products.

“The Yoruba people speak of & # 39; ba ase je & # 39 ;. Someone who spoils the banquet. Everyone is rejoicing and rejoicing, and he comes to pollute their joy. It could bring extremely bad news that would send everyone running home or seeking cover.

"He could even urinate in the big soup pot under the bright glow of the revelers. Or he could spill sand in the big rice pot on the fire. Ba ase je (banquet spoiler) can attack in many ways. That was the same thing as the Enemy of the State did.

“The Igbo people speak of the proverbial lizard that ruined their own mother's funeral. That's what the hidden and hostile hand did. But he forgot that nowadays, almost everything technology leaves a trail. Before the end of that night, computer evidence had restricted the suspect, and he was already responding for his evil action.

“If that person had the final authentic copy, it would have been the same way he would have leaked it. For what purpose and for what purpose? Sinister. Sneaky. Hateful.

“Some people hate their own country and ironically they would be the first to complain that things were not going well. Every act of government (any government) they would undermine. If they can stick a knife in the government's soft belly in some way, they will do it with pleasure and be the first to complain that things are not going well. Enemies of the State.

“If the person who leaked the unedited draft of the transmission had access to more sensitive national documents, he would do the same thing. If he sought information that could sell Nigeria to the enemy, he would be happy to do so. You are among enemies, watch and pray.

“I am surprised that a large number of people, including newspapers, have fallen for it. They took their information from the wrong source and ended up publishing the falsehood. That was what the State Enemy wanted. Cause maximum confusion. And he did it to some extent.

“Social media is being used for all purposes: good and bad. It is the bastion of fake news, hate news, mixtures and all sorts of conjures. Will users and consumers be more demanding? It is said that the person who stole a barrel of palm oil from the beam is not the only thief. The person who picked up his barrel is also dishonest. Those who started sharing an obvious leak by relaying it are also not innocent. Be quick to listen and take time to speak.

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