MLB Draft order 2020: Updated list of picks for all 5 rounds & competitive balance selections

It's lonely at the top.

For fans of four teams that are in the top five of the 2020 MLB draft, it's bittersweet: they stink now, but the value of high draft choices can change the future of a franchise – if they develop.


The Royals, Orioles, Marlins and Tigers are among the top five again in this year's MLB Draft, four of the same five of last year's top five choices. This will be the second time in three years that Tigers will have the best overall choice after taking the pitcher Casey Mize in the 2018 draft of the draft.

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With the coronavirus pandemic changing sports rules, this year's MLB Draft is a little different: there are only five rounds in this year's version, when there are usually 40. Shortening the draft can cause several interesting by-products, including high school students who previously they decided to enter the draft to attend college and the students who stayed at the school for the past few years, instead of signing some examples.


This year, there are also no compensatory choices after the initial 29, with none of the eight qualified free agents playing for a revenue sharing team this year.

That said, there are still their default choices in the first round, with 29 teams – except the Astros, who had their first round choice lost as part of the punishment for their signal theft scandal – making selections on Wednesday, June 10 .


Below is the complete order for the MLB draft for 2020, including competitive balance sheets and remuneration choices.

Order draft MLB 2020

There are five rounds, with a total of 160 choices in the 2020 MLB draft. MLB officials decided to reduce the draft from 40 to five due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that the Astros lost their first round choice as part of the MLB penalties for illegal signal theft.

Round 1

To chooseTeam2019 Registration
1Detroit Tigers47-114
2)Baltimore Orioles54-108
3)Miami Marlins57-105
4)Kansas City Royals59-103
5)Toronto Blue Jays67-95
6Seattle Mariners68-94
7)Pittsburgh Pirates69-93
8)San Diego Padres70-92
9Colorado Rockies71-91
10)Los Angeles Angels72-90
11)Chicago White Sox72-89
12)Cincinnati Reds75-87
13)San Francisco Giants77-85
14)Texas rangers78-84
15Philadelphia Phillies81-81
16Chicago Cubs84-78
17Boston Red Sox84-78
18Arizona Diamondbacks85-77
19New York Mets86-76
20Milwaukee Brewers89-73
21St. Louis Cardinals91-71
22)Washington Nationals93-69
23Cleveland Indians93-69
24Tampa Bay Rays96-66
25)Atlanta Braves97-65
26)Oakland A & # 39; s97-65
27Minnesota Twins101-61
28New York Yankees103-59
29Los Angeles Dodgers106-56

Note: There are no round 1 pay choices in 2020.


Competitive Balance Round A

To chooseTeam
30)Baltimore Orioles
31Pittsburgh Pirates
32)Kansas City Royals
33Arizona Diamondbacks
34)San Diego Padres
35)Colorado Rockies
36Cleveland Indians
37)Tampa Bay Rays (via St. Louis)

2nd round

Astros and Red Sox lost their choices in the second round as part of their penalties for illegal signal theft.


The Angels, Braves, Diamondbacks, Phillies and Yankees lost their second round choices by hiring qualified free agents.

38. Detroit Tigers
39. Baltimore Orioles
40. Miami Marlins
41. Kansas City Royals
42. Toronto Blue Jays
43. Seattle Mariners
44. Pittsburgh Pirates
45. San Diego Padres
46. ​​Colorado Rockies
47. Chicago White Sox
48. Cincinnati Reds
49. San Francisco Giants
50. Texas Rangers
51. Chicago Cubs
52. New York Mets
53. Milwaukee Brewers
54. St. Louis Cardinals
55. Washington Nationals
56. Cleveland Indians
57. Tampa Bay Rays
58. Oakland A
59. Minnesota Twins
60. Los Angeles Dodgers

Competitive Balance Round B

61. Miami Marlins
62. Detroit Tigers
63. St. Louis Cardinals (via Rays)
64. Seattle Mariners (via Brewers)
65. Cincinnati Reds
66. Los Angeles Dodgers (via Twins)

Compensating Picks

67. San Francisco Giants
68. San Francisco Giants
69. New York Mets
70. St. Louis Cardinals
71. Washington nationals
72. Houston Astros

Rounds 3-5

Here is the order for the remaining choices in Rounds 3-5. Note that these choices cannot be negotiated; therefore, the order of selections after the second round remains the same.

The Twins lost the choice of the third round by signing Josh Donaldson and the Yankees lost the choice of the fifth round by signing Gerrit Cole.

Detroit Tigers
Baltimore Orioles
Miami Marlins
Kansas City Royals
Toronto Blue Jays
Seattle Mariners
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Angels
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
San Francisco Giants
Texas rangers
Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Nationals
Cleveland Indians
Tampa Bay Rays
Atlanta Braves
Oakland A & # 39; s
Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers
Houston Astros

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