Microsoft just gave you a massive reason to update your Windows 10 laptop

If you were thinking about updating your Windows 10 PC with power, now can be a good time to shop (online). Microsoft has just announced the official launch of its latest devices, which include the ultra portable Surface Go 2 and the premium Surface Book 3.

Both machines are available for purchase starting today, with Surface Go 2 starting at £ 399 and Surface Book 3 starting at £ 1,599.


If these machines look interesting, see what each device offers and what you'll find included in the spec sheet.


This tablet-style portable PC brings a 10.5-inch PixelSense screen and lightweight design to your hands. The 2020 model now improves battery life and better performance with Microsoft boasting that users will experience a speed gain of up to 64%.


There is also the addition of Studio Mics to increase the clarity of the voice and reduce background noise. In addition, you will find a new camera application for the back-facing snapper to facilitate the scanning of documents and whiteboards.

For those who are shopping, the option of personalizing Surface Go with covers, sleeves and accessories is of various colors, including platinum, black, poppy red and ice blue.


It is available from the 12th of May and costs from £ 399.

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The new Surface Book 3 replaces the current Book 2 and brings more power to the Microsoft laptop with a detachable screen. In fact, the US technology company says users will see gains of up to 50% when using this upgraded machine.


This is due to the inclusion of 10th generation Intel Core processors and the choice of discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro RTX GPUs.


The battery life is also impressive with this machine capable of lasting 17.5 hours on a single charge.

The Surface Book 3 comes in two sizes, with the 13 or 15 inch PixelSense monitors available at launch.

Surface Book 3 starts from £ 1,599 and will be available from 21 May.

Along with these PCs, Microsoft will also start shipping its new headphones in the coming weeks.

The latest Surface 2 headphones cost £ 239.99 and offer premium sound and comfort.

There are also 13 levels of ambient and battery noise control throughout the day.

Another unique feature is the screenless integration with Microsoft 365, which allows users to update emails with Play My Emails on the Outlook Mobile App for iOS or allow you to dictate in Word, Outlook or PowerPoint.

If you want something a little more subtle for your ears, there is also the launch of the new surface headphones. These wireless headphones offer an experience similar to Apple's AirPods, with a comfortable fit and long battery life.

These controls also have touchless integration and touch controls, meaning you never have to access the phone.

They will come out later this month and cost £ 199.99.

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