Michigan lawmaker apologizes for wearing apparent Confederate flag face mask

State Senator Dale Zorn, a Republican from Ida, apologized to a couple Twitter posts Saturday for the face mask he wore in the Michigan Senate floor on Friday.

"I regret the choice of pattern on the face mask I wore yesterday in the Senate floor. I was not going to offend anyone; however, I realize that I did, and for that I regret. Those who know me best know that I do not support the things this pattern represents, "Zorn said.

Zorn said in an interview with CNN affiliate WLNS that his wife made a face mask for him and that it was not a Confederate flag. He said that although it was a Confederate flag, it represents part of our history, and we should learn about the "atrocities that happened during that time" so that it does not happen again.


He told WLNS that the mask was a pattern similar to the Kentucky or Tennessee flag.

"My actions were an error of judgment for which there are no excuses, and I want to learn from this episode," he added in his apology statement on social media.

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