Michael Wilbon apologizes for ‘dead wrong’ report on Isiah Thomas and the ‘Dream Team’

ESPN's Michael Wilbon apologized to Isiah Thomas on Monday for incorrectly stating nine members of the 1992 "Dream Team" who did not want Thomas to play with them in the Olympics.

Wilbon said the actual number is "far from" nine people.


"Several sources have contacted me to tell me that I am wrong in saying that 9 Dream Team members were opposed to Isiah being on the 92nd Olympic team," Wilbon wrote on Twitter. "Not even close to that number was opposed. My apologies to Isiah for making a mistake."

Thomas quoted the apology tweet, thanking Wilbon for correcting his remarks.


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Wilbon's initial comments were published in "The Jump" on Monday, when Rachel Nichols asked to describe the reasons why Thomas could have been scorned. As the "Last Dance" documentary series on Michael Jordan's career shows, there is a widespread belief that Jordan's dispute with Thomas was the main factor in the decision.


"Hanging this on Michael Jordan is inaccurate", Wilbon argued. "That group of people, I will say nine out of 12, they made it known to someone who was not someone they wanted at their summer camp."

Thomas was a key member of the Pistons "Bad Boy" and has certainly faced some competitors the wrong way throughout his career. But it is apparently not true that nine members of the USA team vetoed their inclusion in the Olympics.

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