Michael Jordan’s disapproving mom put a stop to his cigar smoking in ‘The Last Dance’ interviews

Close, but … a cigar.

Michael Jordan is no stranger to tobacco. After all, there is nothing like lighting a Cuban cigar after winning a championship. But Jordan's cigar habits go deeper than just one at a time, as images and videos of smoking cigars are rampant in ESPN's "The Last Dance".


During an episode of "The Last Dance" this weekend, viewers realized something curious: in just one interview that Jordan did with the production team, he had a cigar resting by his side.

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At Jalen and Jacoby's post-show, ESPN's "The Last Dance", documentary director Jason Hehir revealed why Jordan had only one cigar during the interview process.

"He couldn't smoke on set because his mom was mad at him," said Hehir. "And he said, 'I can't smoke today because my mom was mad at me because she saw me smoking.'

It must come as a shock to the Jordanian system, considering that the cigar aficionado has even six one day, according to a 2017 Sports Illustrated report.

Jordan's mother, Deloris, proved to be an instrument for Jordan's growth as a person and a player, like most mothers. She asked Jordan to participate in Jordan's initial meeting with Nike in the 1980s, leading to a multi-billion dollar empire for the brand a few years later.


Let mothers protect their children's lung health.


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